Monday, July 11, 2011

Mid-west Conference

Here it is the Monday after returning from the WBT Mid-west conference in West Plains, Missouri.  I don't even know where to start.  The conference was amazing.  There was so much new information that I really didn't expect since we had just returned from the National Conference 2 weeks previously.  The conference began with everyone (around 450 teachers and administrators) together.  Chris taught the Big Seven during this time.  Then we split into two groups, those new to WBT and those that have been using WBT for awhile (the veterans).  My sister stayed in the "new" group while I went to the "veteran" group.

The group for those new to WBT focused on the classroom management aspects of WBT and the learning games such as the Super Speed games, Smoothy Bumper Planet,  Biffy Tunes, and The Crazy Professor.

The veteran group received great information on the Genius Ladder (previously the sentence ladder) and oral writing.  These two things alone were well worth the time to go to the conference, but we got so much more!  Information on the Power Pix along with sample lessons, the 5 part lesson template, and setting up a model classroom are just a few of the wonderful things that were presented to the veteran group in Chris Biffle's own unique style.  By the way, you can go to the WBT website to download information on everything that I have mentioned so far, all free of charge.  Yes, my friends, that is one of the best things about WBT.  It is there to share and use for free.  We want to make a difference in students' lives and change teachers' lives as well.

We left with a wealth of information and excitement for the upcoming school year.  The West Plains administrators along with Chris Biffle and Chris Rekstad were already making plans for a three day conference next year!  So make your plans now.  If you have never attended a WBT Conference, check the calendar on the WBT website,  for upcoming opportunities.  It will change your teaching life!


  1. Susan,

    Are you attending any of the WBT conferences this summer? I'd love to see an update on how the information you learned worked out once you were back working with your students.

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

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    Kate Bowski
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  4. Hi Susan!
    Excited to hear you were able to also go the Midwest conference. I was at the Louisiana Convention and loved every minute of it!

    I'm also nominating you for two awards. Come by my blog to retrieve them!